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18th Century Provincial Tokens

18th Century Provincial tokens, also known as Conder tokens , were first minted In 1787 by the Parys Mining Company that mined copper ore. They had plenty of copper, access to mints, and there was little low value coinage to be had in Anglesey thus they began minting their own penny and half penny tokens. Shortly after, others would follow suit and begin designing and minting their own small denomination coinage. 18th Century Provincial tokens are often referred to as Conder tokens, named after James Conder who was an early collector and cataloged these interesting coins. They are copper coins (usually pennies and half pennies) minted by towns, businesses, and organizations of all types to meet a need for low denomination coinage that was not being provided, not being minted in sufficient quantity by government, or not making it out to the small towns. These lower denominations were needed to pay workers and make change in an increasingly industrialized society. Thousands of varieties of tokens were minted, many are beautiful and intricate works of art. Because these Tokens were minted independently of government, the creators of these tokens had the freedom to make political statements, social commentary, honour great men, ideals, great events, or just advertise their businesses. Subjects range from Isaac Newton to Abolition and Prisons to Mental Institutions, issuers of the coins needed only have the means and the will to mint their own coin. Most were officially payable only in certain areas and locations but there is no doubt that copper coin was copper coin to many at the time and they were widely circulated.

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