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Brutus Albinus, clasped hands denarius

D. Junius Albinus Bruti AR Denarius, 48 BC, Rome mint:
Obv: Head of Pietas right, PIETAS behind.
Rev: Two clasped hands in front of winged caduceus, ALBINVS.BRVTI.F below.
Weight: 4 grams. Maximum dia: 17mm. Crawford 450/2; Sydenham 942; RCV 427.

Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus (born 85??81? BC, died 42 BC) was a Roman politician and general of the 1st century BC and one of the leading instigators of Julius Caesar's assassination.
On the Ides of March (March 15), when Caesar decided not to attend the Senate meeting due to the concerns of his wife, he was persuaded to attend by Decimus Brutus, who escorted him to the senate house, and neatly evaded Mark Antony, who wished to tell Caesar of the assassination. After Caesar was attacked by the first assassin, Decimus and the rest of the conspirators attacked and assassinated him. According to Nicolaus of Damascus, Decimus Brutus was the third to strike Caesar, stabbing him in the side.

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